COVID-19 translated information for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, health professionals and industry. Information includes factsheets and promotional materials.

Here are links to Government website with translated document free for your use.

Australian Department of Health

Victorian State Department of Health

CDC Website- USA site

CDC Resources in Languages Other than English

Translationz Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander internship program for 2020  is an exciting opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are currently enrolled in a TAFE or university level programs. The successful applicants will get a taste of the different roles and functions within a translation and interpreting agency.  We are open to those people studying languages, business, marketing, technology and other areas.

 translationz internship

StephanieA Mandarin Interpreter employed with Translationz. She interprets in Queensland hospitals, clinics, legal offices, and other facilities. Stephanie is a certified and professionally trained interpreter with deep knowledge in medical terms and procedures. 

We asked Stephanie what she enjoys about her work:

“I enjoy the variety and challenges from daily work. Learning new things and getting feedback for a job well done. Compliments that I receive from both the patients and the professionals is very rewarding. I particularly enjoy doing mental health interpreting as the human brain and consciousness is very fascinating to me.”  

Multilingual Transcription Service

Transcription is the process of taking an audio or video file and converting it into text. It is, in essence, the creation of a transcript of spoken language. The words are an exact copy of those in the recording, rendered in the same language as the original. To some, however, the concept behind transcription might seem a bit counterintuitive. Our culture is, after all, heavily-reliant on audio and video mediums, so why clarify a message further with text?

Well, along with creating a written record of a video or audio presentation, transcription assists in ‘cleaning up’ what’s been spoken. It removes the personal ticks or audible distractions that might muddle the verbal elements of a presentation, and eliminates the stumbling or long pauses that occur when the presenter gets a drink of water or needs to collect their thoughts.

20191017 142211 

A group of Translationz staff members recently attended the TAUS Asia Conference and Exhibits event, which was held in Singapore from 16-18 October 2019. TAUS is a language data network who describe themselves as “an independent and neutral industry organization” seeking to develop communities by sharing knowledge, metrics and data during events and in online user groups. They’ve organised 25 events in Asia since 2005, but this was the first time they’d staged one in Singapore.

It was the largest event ever organised by TAUS, drawing in over 210 individuals in the translation and interpreting industry from 22 countries around the globe. Attendees at the event were encouraged to learn how to redesign new translation processes, deepen their knowledge of emerging technologies, and meet new customers and vendors in the language field.