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It is imperative that translations of legal documents be accurate and concise. The stakes are always high in legal matters, and even seemingly minor errors in word choice have the potential to alter the course of courtroom proceedings. We adhere to a rigorous process of translating and proofreading legal documents to ensure that our clients receive translations of the highest quality.

Legal documents often contain highly sensitive, confidential information requiring accurate and professional translation. When it comes to your important legal translation needs, don’t take a chance on amateurs; instead, bring your documents to the professionals at Translationz, where accurate translation is always guaranteed.

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From translating documents of all sizes, to providing on-site interpreters, and facilitating remote telephone and video interpreting, Translationz can fill all of your legal translation and interpreting needs in most languages. We always select the most suitable translator or interpreter for your assignment from our growing database of over 1,000 translators in over 100 languages. When you entrust your legal language needs to Translationz, you can count on accurate translations, competitively priced and delivered to you when you need them. We also provide certified translations, which are often required when submitting documents to Australian courts or government agencies.

We at Translationz have extensive experience in the translation of legal documents. We understand the importance of not only accurately conveying the pertinent legal information, but also of adhering to industry standards of terminology and formatting. We are thorough in our translations of legal documents, and we adhere to the highest standards of accuracy. We always assign the most-qualified and best-suited translators for each specific project. Our translators are well versed in legal terminology and have a in-depth understanding of Australia's legal system. You can also be assured that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and that all documents are handled according to strict privacy guidelines.

Our legal translators have years of industry experience and are native speakers in their respective languages and dialects. Many hold translation degrees, and all have extensive experience the following types of legal translation:

•    Court documents
•    Contracts
•    Estate documentation
•    Adoption documentation
•    Vital records such as birth and marriage certificates
•    Affidavits
•    Share purchase agreements
•    Insurance and financial contracts
•    Support services agreements
•    Registration certificates
•    Leases
•    Summons and complaints
•    Evidence documentation
•    Wills

Safe Documents

Legal Document Translation

Legal document translations sometimes requires an understanding of the language of the law.  As such, translators with legal translation experience are valuable because they can save time and help ensure a more accurate translation of your legal document.

Translationz provides experienced legal document translation services to clients across Australia.

Our legal translator in Melbourne are available across most languages.

Our legal translator in Brisbane are available at the court or your office.

Legal translator in Sydney can support you with all your legal needs.