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Whether you require a one-page technical translation of an engineering diagram or a 150-page complex software manual translation, Translationz can help with all of your technical translation needs. In addition to guaranteeing high-quality translations, always on time and at competitive rates, we understand the vital importance of clarity, concision, and accuracy when it comes to translating the specialised terminology used in many technical projects.

Translationz has extensive experience in projects such as technical user guides, training and product manuals, online help text, and system specifications. Specialised technical knowledge is as crucial to technical translations as refined linguistic skills and a deep understanding of both the source and target languages. Our translators are seasoned professionals, carefully selected for their combined subject-matter experience and native-language expertise. Often several technical translators will be assigned to one project, with some translating and others proofreading. This enables the translators to work together to eliminate any discrepancies and to ensure that you receive only the highest-quality product.

Special care is essential when dealing with technical documentation intended for end users, as the quality of the user experience takes on additional importance. Translationz ensures that your users’ needs are always considered in the communication of critical information. We are highly experienced in translating technical and training manuals, and we recognise that providing your users with easily comprehensible material is key to their experience of your product or service, regardless of the language they speak. Our language teams can work closely with your product managers and engineers to ensure that all technical documentation is in line with your desired goals.

Technical Translator

Translationz can provide for all of your technical translation needs, and we work with languages from all over the globe. We accept multiple file formats—Word, PDFs, XML, and more—and we make sure that all translated content is returned to you with your original styles and formatting intact and ready to publish.

We have over a decade of experience in the field of translation and have developed particular expertise in the area of technical translation. Regardless of your project’s scope, Translationz can tailor a solution to fit your individual schedule and budget expectations.

Whether you require a small technical translation of an engineering diagram or a complex translation of architectural plans or translation of software terminology, Translationz will provide the right resource to ensure an accurate and timely translation of your technical documents.  Many of these projects contain a high density of technical terminology and we understand that accurate, clear and concise translation is paramount.