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Translationz has highly-qualified, specialised translators for most industries. Our translators’ knowledge of specific industries helps them to communicate in the lexicon of each particular industry. We have specialists in most languages and industries. Our industry specializations include, but are not limited to,


Automotive manufacturers, importers, distributors, and dealers all require translation services at some time. We respond to the translation needs of the automotive industry by providing translators for written documents and interpreters for verbal communication services. We offer in-person interpreting, as well as through both telephone and video conferencing. We can also easily assist with the translation of your marketing materials, websites, technical and user guides, and more.

We offer many translation and interpreting services for the automotive industry:

  • Marketing and promotional material translation
  • Interpreters for factory tours and on-site business meetings
  • Interpreters for tradeshows (interpreter equipment also available)
  • Email and correspondence translation
  • Tradeshow materials translation (business cards and other related documents)
  • Technical guide translation
  • Interpreters for user groups and focus groups
  • User guide translation
  • Interpreters for call centres
  • Interpreters as tour guides for VIPs

There are many reasons to choose Translationz as your partner for automotive translations. We take our translations to the next level by thinking not only about the linguistic correctness of the texts, but also about the localisation of the content. And due to the wide variety of source texts, thorough content knowledge and reliable resources are of vital importance to us.

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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the biggest success stories of the twentieth century, and one that continues to write new chapters. Because the automotive industry is a global industry, high-quality translation services are vital. In today's world, parts for a single car can come from multiple countries, making translation companies an indispensable resource for facilitating cross-cultural communication. This need for communication spans all levels of a corporation; for example, Translationz routinely provides companies with interpreters on-site in factories for visits by top executives as well as at conferences, tradeshows and seminars.

No matter where you are in the automotive industry, it is imperative to be able to communicate globally. We can translate into and out of all of the major languages used by your company and its engineers, suppliers, technicians, and customers.

Translationz partners with the automotive industry to translate a wide range of important documents:

  • Technical, diagnostic, and service manuals
  • Warranties
  • Training and user manuals
  • Order and supply forms
  • Import and export documentation
  • Legal and financial documents
  • Business letters and email correspondence
  • Contracts
  • Websites, social media, and corporate communications
  • Marketing materials and catalogues

And much more!

The auto manufacturing industry has become more international than ever. With original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) breaking into new markets and new manufacturers continually emerging, key suppliers must often adapt and relocate to stay within range of their clients.

The worldwide auto manufacturing industry relies heavily on accurate, informative translations, and Translationz supports clients at every link of the supply chain. In order for suppliers and OEMs to collaborate effectively, they must first be able to communicate with each other.

We understand the requirements and language needs of OEMs, automotive parts suppliers, advertising agencies, dealers, engineering firms, and others in the industry. For example, we ensure that the technical terms used in our translations are in accordance with standard terms familiar to the local market’s assembly workers, mechanics, engineers, suppliers, and end-customers.

When translating documents for the automotive industry, we assign automotive subject matter experts (SMEs) and appoint translation managers to perform internal quality-control checks throughout all stages of a translation project.

Translators involved in automotive industry translation projects need to understand not only the technical aspects of the products they are working with, but also the particulars of the target market. They must also take into account the significant differences between technical language and marketing language.

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