Insurance Translation Services

Translationz provides translation and interpreting services to the insurance industry.  Our interpreter services can be used in most steps of the value chain.  Our telephone and video interpreting services are the choice for a number of Australian insurance companies. 

Interpreter services

Call centres need the assistance of foriegn language interpreter services.  Our state of the art technology, along with our NAATI qualified interpreters using our platform ensures Translationz must be considered.  Additionally, our same platform allows your investigators and other field staff to perform telephone interpretation and on site meetings.  


Whether you are considering policy coverage pertaining to an overseas claim or looking to launch a new product in the Asian market, we can help with all of your technical linguistic needs.

Insurance Language Specialists

Our team regularly translates:

  • Insurance and reinsurance policies
  • Statutes and judgments
  • Legal documents, including correspondence, pleadings, and witness statements
  • Claims documentation, including travel insurance
  • Medical reports
  • Marketing materials

Insurance Translation

Success and growth in the insurance industry depend heavily on attracting and retaining a large multicultural customer base. Providing clear, easy-to-understand materials in the buyer’s native language is now standard operating procedure.

It also essential that insurance providers continually update their multilingual communications to reflect ongoing product and regulatory changes. Translationz has a long history of helping insurance companies with precisely these needs, and knows from experience the best ways of streamlining the process.

We are skilled at translating a wide variety of insurance documents: policies, claims, expert reports, management reports, annual reports, proceedings, minutes, press releases, newsletters, and websites, just to name a few.

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