Medical Interpreter

Developments in the medical field are fast-paced and growing at an exponential rate. As this growth continues, particularly in new markets, companies find themselves facing greater challenges when it comes to regulatory compliance and the communication of complex product information in multiple languages.

Translationz has assisted many companies specialising in the medical and life sciences industry with their translation needs. Because medical and pharmaceutical translation is such a highly specialised skill, we carefully select only the most experienced medical and scientific translators and interpreters. Many of our translators possess medical or biomedical engineering degrees. In medical translation, specialisation is key; even skilled bilingual speakers are often unable to translate the complexities of certain medical terminology.

Medical Translator

Our translators have worked on a wide variety of medical and pharmaceutical translation projects:
•    Scientific medical literature and books
•    Medical imaging and diagnostic device documentation
•    Laboratory equipment documentation
•    Hospital and physician management and information systems
•    Test and research documents
•    Instruction manuals
•    Compliance and regulatory documents
•    User guides and manuals
•    Labeling and packaging services
•    Marketing communication
•    User interfaces for medical devices
•    Clinical studies
•    Marketing and sales materials
•    Patient information
•    Patent documentation
•    Patient questionnaires and recruitment materials
•    Websites

Translationz provides world-class medical translation services and professional medical localisation into all major languages. We have worked extensively with hospitals, medical centres, and doctors’ offices, as well as with medical and surgical device manufacturers, clinical diagnostic firms, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Translationz understands the importance of accuracy in medical translations, and we are ready to help with any of your medical translation needs.

Here is a small sample of recent medical translation services we have provided:

•    Professional medical interpreter for a plastic surgeon in Melbourne
•    Professional medical interpreter for a psychiatric assessment in Sydney
•    Professional medical interpreter in Cantonese
•    Professional medical interpreter in Japanese for physical therapy
•    Medical instruction manual

We use a skilled team of translators to accurately and concisely translate confidential, highly sensitive documents. Each project is held to the highest standards of quality control and project management, and all documents are handled according to strict privacy guidelines.

Medical Interpreter

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