Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is considered one of the most effective types of remote interpreting, using web cameras or mobile phones. It offers similar benefits to an onsite interpreter and superior benefits over the phone interpreting as VRI provides a visual connection maintaining the personalisation of an in-person experience.

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Remote interpreting is often used when an onsite interpreter is not possible either when local interpreters are fully scheduled or the interpreting is required in remote, distant areas where certain language interpreters are not present. Remote interpreting is also often required in last-minute emergency situations.  Government agencies, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, airports, and corporate business operations are using this technology daily and the demand is increasing.

Translationz has developed a cloud-based VRI system for clients to easily, quickly and securely access using the internet.

Benefits of Video Remote Interpreting

  1. Accuracy – Using our VRI platform, clients can gain access to our team of professional language interpreters who are readily available to provide accurate and professional interpretations. The visual support provided by VRI delivers superior results over telephone interpreting as the interpreter sees visually the clients surrounding and facial expression which aids in quality of interpretation. Through VRI, non-verbal communication can be conveyed by both the interpreter and the client, therefore providing a better interpreting experience for all.
  2. Fast and Reliable Connections – Our VRI platform has been widely tested and consistently delivers on fast connections and reliable services through the use of our cloud-based system.
  3. Cost-Efficient – Having instantaneous access to our team of professional interpreters can reduce cost by eliminating travel allowances and providing less required minimum scheduling time.
  4. Non-Verbal Communication - VRI allows for the facial expressions of the interpreter and the recipient of the interpretation to be seen by both parties. This generates a better understanding for what was said and messages conveyed versus phone interpreter where visual cues are not possible.

VRI use is increasingly being requested. Translationz works with many organisations who have a progressively high demand for VRI. VRI is commonly used healthcare settings for patients in remote areas and in hospital clinics and emergency rooms. In an emergency room, it is essential that patients and caregivers can communicate effortlessly and quickly with medical personnel. In cases where an onsite interpreter is not able to arrive at the hospital within a few minutes, a hospital with VRI capability can swiftly connect and see and hear a remote interpreter. VRI is also becoming increasingly requested by law enforcement and global businesses.

Remote work sites such as in the mining industry are using VRI to speak with personnel on remote sites to connect with vital personnel in different locations. Translaitonz works with many mining clients that have requirements to speak with non-English speaking staff, often residing overseas, where we facilitate the conversation with English-speaking staff on remote job sites. By using VRI, this will not only help to develop a more meaningful relationships, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of errors in communicating using traditional telephonic interpretations.

In addition, many other industries are increasingly using this technology to strengthen communication across cultures and breakdown the language barriers affecting communication.

Expensive equipment or software is not required for clients to enjoy the benefits of VRI. Your own devices (smartphone, computer, or tablet) can be used to access our VRI platform.

To set up your VRI account quickly call or email and start using this technology today.