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E-learning has completely gone international as learners are seeking training experiences that fit their schedules and lifestyles. This has increased the demand for engaging e-learning and training tools everyone can access, regardless of location or language spoken. The scope of computer-based teaching modules and classroom training materials is increasing and the need for translation of the course into various languages and localization has taken the centre stage in moving the e-learning courseware into preferred languages.

Employers, universities and businesses all are recognising the benefits utilising in e-Learning resources.  Translating e-learning materials to better reach their community that they serve is growing exponentially.

Translationz provides comprehensive e-learning translation services.  We translate courses targeted for employee and customer education programs and for universities and private individuals.  Our professional staff ensure that your e-learning content is accurately and appropriately localised for particular country and local culture.
For many of our clients Translationz is consulted at the initial start-up stage in course development and we work with our clients to preparing their e-learning platforms, software and solutions tailor-made for a specific target audience, country or region or international reach.  

Translationz, an experience translation service provider has extensive experience in e-learning translation and localisation services. We have worked with companies from big businesses to smaller companies and individuals across various industries including government, universities, business sector and non-profits. Our services are not limited to translation solely as in addition to translating, we have designed and created numerous e-Learning courses for our clients and our own internal use.

"We were very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the services you provided –  many thanks for that. It was great to work with the Translationz team and we will certainly come back to you in the future if we need translation services."

- Alistair Macleod, CEO |  White Cloud Global

Services we have provided include, but not limited to the following:

•    Computer-based training
•    Web-based training
•    Course development for certification and assessment
•    Classroom instruction coursework
•    Distant Education Coursework
•    Marketing and promotional computer based instruction
•    Certification and assessment programs
•    Training materials for employees and customers
•    Tutorials

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There are some vital aspects that needed to be considered when translating or moving the content of the e-learning courseware. Translation of various e-learning courses might be complex and very costly if appropriate preparation and strategy is not put in place. So a considerable preparation and proper understanding of the training to be implemented will make the entire process an easy task. For more information on e-learning planning and preparation click on the link to blog post.

E-Learning and the Classroom

The emergence of e-Learning is one of the most powerful tools available to the growing need for education. E-learning is enabling access to educational opportunities by allowing students obtain further learning and personal or professional development. Students are furthering their education and are not constricted due to the distance of the institution.  They are achieving education through "virtual connection" newly available to them. Online education is rapidly increasing and becoming as a viable alternative for traditional classrooms.

Our E-Learning Team

Your e-learning project, will be assigned to a Client Service Manager who will manage the process from start to finish. Your Client Service Manager will work with you to fully understand your requirements, scope the project and develop a plan according your specific needs. Once commissioned, the Client Service Manager will assemble their specialists (translators, designers, usability testers, education consultants, etc.) according to project requirements. We can project manage the entire process from start to finish.

If you are looking for a partner to help achieve your e-learning solutions for the global world, contact us,  It could be as simple as translating manuals, handouts or course work content or a full localisation project involving cultural consulting - or anything in between.

Our Method E-Learning translation services

When translate e-learning documentation, we implement an localisation approach. For more information on localisation please follow this link.  We have confidence that this is the correct approach so that the content is modified in a way that truly speaks and addresses the needs of the target audience.

Translating your e-learning materials correctly that touches the intended user such as a university student, or employee or customer--is not only about only translating to another language. We also factor in the culture, expectations, local elements and particular nuances of the target audience. Our service incorporates all elements of localisation including usability testing, assessing for religious and cultural sensitivities and local laws and regulations as well as adopting educational standards.

To speak with an e-learning translation client services expert please call our office or fill out a quote here.

For more information about e-learning, click here to know more.