Localisation and Copywriting

 Localisation Copywriting

Translationz works with international companies and offers a variety of specialised services. We have helped many companies with their localisation requirements. For example, for one client who employs in the field engineers, we provide copy editing and localisation services. We help this company present a professional image by standardising their reports and applying their company style guide to achieve the same look and feel across all publications and locations. We receive reports daily, many written by individuals whose first language is not English, which our copywriters and proof readers carefully edit to adhere to each company’s specific in-house style guidelines.

We work with you to provide solutions which can be integrated into your workflow and which use your existing linguistic resources to ensure that the final documents are as accurate as possible. We will work hand in hand with your local staff, partners, or distributors in order to guarantee that all documentation is reviewed and all changes are approved before final delivery. We can also collaborate with your local resources to create customised glossaries and terminology databases. This results in an increase in accuracy and a decrease in cost due to cleaner documents entering the quality control phase. In addition, your terminology database can be made securely accessible online, allowing your local partners and other experts in the field to consult or modify it as needed.

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