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Our Persian translator and Persian interpreter services are available across Australia.  We also offer Persian interpreters for Australians travelling internationally and an Persian translator for all of your document translations.  Face to face interpreters are available for your meetings in Australia, and Persian document translation services are available for all your Persian translation needs. Telephone translator services are available for your business meetings.

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Persian Translation Services Overview

Persian Translationz provides translator and interpreter services in cities across Australia and internationally. Our translators are professional, fast and accurate in all aspects of Persian Persian translation.

Our Persian translators are experienced in a wide variety of Persian document translations. We spend the time to understand your needs and then recommend the right solution. We offer highly qualified, skilled, certified and experienced translators. Our Persian translators have industry experience in legal document translation, medical records translation, marketing and websites, technical and engineering documents, birth, marriage and death certificates and more.

Ask about our enhanced quality assurance methodology, when achieving 100% accuracy is critical for your Persian translation.

Translationz also provides experienced Persian interpreters. Interpreters will come to your site or work over the phone or web. Our Interpreters are articulate, perceptive, professional and presentable and will easily adapt to the situation.

We can offer short or longer term arrangements for your Persian intepreting assignments. Recent  Persian Translation and Persian Interpreter Projects Persian Interpreter Services.

We are specialists in our Persian interpreting across Australia.

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Persian Translation

We were requested to translate Persian documents for a court case.  Documents were translated and certified and the client was extremely satisfied.

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Persian Legal Interpreter (Persian Court Interpreter)

An Persian interpreter was required for this court case.  All of our Persian interpreters were fully booked but we were able to meet this clients needs by flying our Persian court interpreter in from interstate.

Certified Persian Birth Certificate Translation

Translationz can perform rapid turnaround of a certified translation of Persian Birth Certificate.  You can upload your scanned certificate for a rapid response and a quotation.  Our recent birth certificate translations have included:

    Persian Translation Melbourne Birth Certificate translation
    Persian Translation Brisbane Birth Certificate translation
    Persian Translation Sydney Birth Certificate translation
    Persian Translation Canberra Birth Certificate translation
    Persian Translation Perth Birth Certificate translation
    Persian Translation Adelaide Birth Certificate translation

Persian Interpreter Services

We are specialists in our Persian interpreting across Australia.

Persian Medical Interpreter

We sent our qualified interpreter to assist with an urgent medical matter. Communication was clear and effective and the medical outcome was good.

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Persian Language

Persian or Parsi or its Arabic from Farsi (because Arabic do not have letter P) was the language of the Parsa people who ruled Iran between 550 - 330 BCE. It belongs within the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European languages.It is primarily spoken in Iran, Afghanistan (officially known as "Dari" since 1958 for political reasons), Tajikistan (officially known as "Tajik" since the Soviet era), and other countries ranging from the borders of India in the east, Russian in the north, the southern shores of the Persian Gulf to Egypt and the Mediterranean in the west.

The Persian language is classified as a continuation of Middle Persian, the official religious and literary language of Sassanid Persia, itself a continuation of Old Persian, the language of the Persia. It was the language of the court of many of the Indian kings till the British banned its use, after occupying India in the 18 century. The Mogul kings of India had made Persian their court language. Engraved and filled with gold on walls of Delhi's Red Fort is the sentence "Agar Ferdows dar jahan ast hamin ast o hamin ast o hamin ast"; - 'If there is a paradise on earth it is here it is here it is here.'

Persian has had a considerable, mainly lexical influence on neighbouring languages, particularly the Turkic languages in Central Asia, Caucasus, and Anatolia, neighbouring Iranian languages, as well as Armenian, and Indo-Aryan languages, especially Urdu. It also exerted some influence on Arabic, particularly Bahraini Arabic, while borrowing much vocabulary from it after the Muslim conquest of Persia.

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With a long history of literature in the form of Middle Persian before Islam, Persian was the first language in Muslim civilization to break through Arabic’s monopoly on writing, and the writing of poetry in Persian was established as a court tradition in many eastern courts. Some of the famous works of Persian literature are the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, works of Rumi, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Divan of Hafiz and poems of Saadi.

Modern Persian consists of a lot of words of non-Iranian origin, this includes modern technical terms which have been incorporated from English, French, and German. The European words’ influence have come into use because there was no existing word to describe or translate a situation or product in Persian. For example with the imported car came the French form of its name 'Automobile'. It took some time and effort and support from the government to coin a Parsi word 'Khodrow' and replace the foreign word. Another example is the word 'Television', which has a less successful replacement 'Sadah va Seema', so also is the word 'Radio'. There are some non-technical words like 'Merci' (Thanks) that has settled into the Farsi language and many Iranians do not consider it as foreign, and the Parsi word 'Tashakor' is alternatively used in speaking but in writing it more often replaces 'Merci'.

Apart from the influence of European words, the corruption by Arabic words has done a great influence to the Parsi language since it had not only replaced the original Parsi words but also driven them out of the language. This influence has been so extensive that AArabic words have even found their way into the latter editions of 'Khordeh Avesta' the prayer book of the Zarathushties, which one expects to be in Avesta language.