Survey Translation Services and Questionnaire Translation Services

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Translationz has been working with worldwide research companies over the globe translating surveys, questionnaires and research reports. We work with companies that conduct telephone, face-to-face or online interviews and we translate into specific languages. We have translated surveys into Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Greek and many more.

Research companies often need to reach out to consumers in their native language and Translationz has the experience of translating surveys and questionnaires into languages other than English. It is important to get the right tone and adhere to the proper slang and terminology of the native country in order to obtain best comprehensive survey result.

We know that clients when crafting a survey take great care in selecting the precise words and phrases. As do we. We know how important it is to select the right word to convey a particular meaning.  Our translators are native speakers familiar with the cultural nuances. With our Survey translation services and we are able to provide you with skilled and highly qualified and experienced translators who are particularly specialised in translating surveys and questionnaires.

We offer:

•    Native speaking translators.
•    Specialised and experienced translators who have specific knowledge in specific subjects such as legal, medical, marketing, engineering, mining, insurance or financial and others
•    Our translators have relevant linguistic qualifications and experience in Survey translation.
•    We translate to most the common and many not so common languages. Click over on the home page for languages provided.
•    We can adhere to your strict deadlines without compromising quality.
•    Use the very latest translation technology such as translation memory tools.
•    We utilize a detailed quality control checks.
•    We provide post-translation linguistic support to cross check your survey if you are uploading to various systems or for print.

Working with Translationz means working with a dedicated team who will manage projects efficiently and guarantee consistency, quality, and timeliness. Our project managers are always available, and we have dedicated translators knowledgeable in managing clients for survey translation services and questionnaire services.

We consider translation to be more than just a matter of words; we think of it as an art form. World-class translation also involves a well-orchestrated process that works seamlessly within the client’s business model. At Translationz, we provide our clients with local language solutions of the highest calibre. We operate at that point where human expertise and leading-edge technology synthesise into a process that enhances quality while minimising cost.

If you would like to speak with one of our dedicated survey project managers please either click here to fill in your information or call us on the number the website.