Over the Phone Interpreting Services (OPI)

One of the most efficient modes of interpreting is Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI), otherwise known as telephone interpreting. This type of remote interpreting allows two individuals who speak different languages to communicate, with the help of a professional interpreter. This is widely used in government, legal, healthcare, customer service, contact centres, law-enforcement, telecommunication, and energy settings where a language barrier is a common occurrence.

Our telephone interpreting solution is used by clients in government and the private sector. 

Over the years, Translationz has been consistent in providing excellent and reliable OPI services offering over 100 languages for your interpreting needs. Depending on your requirement, we offer NAATI qualified interpreters for both our telephone and video services.

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On-Demand Phone Interpreting

On-demand phone interpreting works best for clients who need immediate assistance when an onsite interpreter is not available. When you place a language request through Translationz, our system will automatically connect you with a professional interpreter. 

Many call centres use Translationz our phone interpreting platform. We set up bespoke IVR solutions for major clients, or you can use our standard IVR interpreting platform. Our live, professional spoken interpretation team are available when they are required. We currently have contracts offering 24/7 services.

We often configure the IVR set-up of major clients in less than a week. Clients use their existing CRM and telephony platform and no coding is required for the integration.

Pre-booked Phone Interpreting

Pre-booked phone interpreting is available for clients who schedule a professional phone interpreter in advance of a project. Pre-booked phone interpreting is an alternative solution for on-site interpreting for locations in Australia that are remote, where no qualified interpreter is near. To schedule a professional phone interpreter, you can either request a quote from our website, or call our office numbers for immediate assistance from our dedicated staff.

Benefits of Translationz OPI

  1. Qualified Professional Interpreters –Translationz ensures our interpreters are pre-screen with appropriate credentials and necessary experience in carrying out the assignment. We provide our interpreters with intensive training.
  2. Fast and Reliable Connection – With our secure cloud-based system, you can expect a speedy connection to a professional interpreter who is readily available to take your call anytime and anywhere.
  3. Global Access – Having over the phone interpreting services in your business means that you have immediate access to your clients.
  4. Language Options – Translationz has a broad-base of interpreters across all languages, including ones that are “low resource languages” less common languages.
  5. Robust Technology – We have always been at the forefront of language technology solutions. Our system creates the foundation needed for connecting interpreters, monitoring quality service, tracking data, and finding efficient ways to lower costs significantly for our clients, while still maintaining high-quality service.

Setting an OPI account with Translationz is simple. A call or an email is all that is required for access. Call us or request a quote here.