Government and Public Sector Translation and Interpreting

Jerry Rice Translationz

Translating for the public sector—cultural institutions, universities, international agencies, and so forth—requires the same rigor as translating for commercial institutions. It also requires a strong focus on the specific mission underlying each organisation. Our linguists and project management team specialists are ready to help professionally communicate your mission objectives to all of your global stakeholders.

Public sector entities such as educational and cultural institutions embody many diverse languages and cultural backgrounds. To ensure that all groups have equal access to critical information, Translationz offers a time-tested combination of highly experienced staff and proven logistical systems in order to ensure the seamless transmission of your message into most of the commonly spoken languages.

Translationz works with government entities. We meet government needs by providing the highest quality deliverables consistently in a prompt and reliable manner. We provide NAATI certified translation where required.

Our government clients’ translation needs are extremely important to us. Our foreign-language team is composed of experienced project managers, translators, and proofreaders, all of whom understand the unique challenges of translating culturally sensitive and often highly confidential information; many of our translators possess security clearances. All Translationz team members are chosen based on the needs of the client, are continuously tested and trained, and have a wealth of experience. We always match the best translator with the project at hand.

We translate a variety of documents for government agencies:

•    Training and instruction manuals
•    Legal briefs
•    National and international security documents
•    Taxation information
•    Customs compliance documents
•    Immigration and visa documents
•    Community announcements and newsletters
•    Marketing materials such as brochures, pamphlets, and exhibit descriptions
•    Humane resource manuals and publications
•    Internal communications
•    Fundraising invitations and correspondence
•    Websites


Whether their translation projects involve local non-English-speaking communities or large international programs, governments around the world need to ensure that their multilingual communications are delivered in a timely, accurate, and professional manner.

Combining the experience of a global team of talented translators with cutting-edge technology, Translationz is proud to offer professional, certified language translation services delivered within budget in over 100 languages. All of our work is guaranteed, both for quality and on-time delivery. Government agencies and the companies that serve them trust us for our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest translations available.

Prompt, Professional, and Always on the Mark

Delivering accurate, culturally-sensitive translations is just the beginning of the services we provide our clients. Government agencies and not-for-profits have discovered that Translationz rises far above the rest when it comes to customer service. We believe that in today’s competitive environment, most companies provide good customer service, and some even deliver excellent service; but we strive to go even further—to consistently exceed your customer service expectations!

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