Medical Device Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Companies

Medical Devices

Manufacturers of both medical devices and pharmaceuticals require the highest levels of accuracy in their translations, as the safety of patients is at stake. Poor-quality translations can severely undermine the long-term reputation of a company. Translationz is proud to have many clients in the medical manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries, as well as years of professional experience in the field. Our approach involves a proven system of responsibility, accuracy, and verification. Under the management of experienced senior project managers, Translationz provides translation services specific to the needs of clients in the fields of medical device manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you to both improve the quality of your multilingual documentation and save on costs. We don’t rely on ready-made solutions, but instead work with you to create tailored workflows that draw specifically on the resources that will best meet your needs. Translationz provides dedicated project managers, translators, and editors. We have an in-house evaluation process for our translators, many of whom have specialised scientific and medical backgrounds. Quality is paramount to us, and we adhere to the strictest standards of confidentiality.

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Back-Translation and Third-Party Revisions

In the medical field, and with clinic trials in particular, back-translation and third-party revisions are used to satisfy regulatory requirements. Back-translation involves translating the source document into the target language, and then back from the target language into the source language. The back-translation is then compared with the original document. Multiple translators are used, and the translators are not privy to each other’s work. Back-translation helps ensure that the message of the original text is being accurately translated into the target language.

Third-party revisions involve an independent translator comparing the translation with its source text in order to verify that it is accurate and complete. This stage occurs after all of the translation, revision, and quality control stages have been completed. Translationz provides comprehensive management of the revision process, using both back-translation and third-party revisions to guarantee that the final product corresponds with the original meaning.

Translationz possesses a wealth of experience in medical translation—from clinical trials, to pharmaceutical patents, to instruction manuals, and more. No matter what your specific needs may be, we can show you a better approach to translation.

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