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Social media has matured into a universal access portal to the world around us. The growth of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn is astounding, and the number of new users continues to increase. More and more individuals and businesses are using social media to find product referrals and information about services, as well as to connect with businesses to get updates and event information.

An estimated 50 percent of social media users communicate in languages other than English, and two-thirds of online adults use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, according to a recent report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Many consumers follow various brands and businesses specifically to learn about special promotions and discounts. If you are not translating your social media into languages other than English, you are missing out on reaching the other 50 percent of social media users who do not speak English.

Here are some statistics:

The following graph displays 23 countries with more than 800,000 active users of Twitter. Of these 23 countries, 14 have populations in which more than 5 percent of the populace actively uses Twitter. Notice that the top five countries are non-English-speaking countries, with Saudi Arabia showing over 32 percent of its populace actively using Twitter, according to the study.

Internet World Stats

Source: Internet World Stats

Languages other than English are growing as well:

Percentage Growth of Internet Users

In essence, this data suggests sizeable market-growth potential for any business open to the opportunity.

Reaching out to social media users whose first language is not English is a wise business strategy. Translationz can help your business expand into the diverse and lucrative world of social media.

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Translationz offers valuable social media translation services:

•    Social media monitoring: We monitor social platforms and document what is being written about your business around the world in multiple languages. This information is vital in understanding how your brand is being presented in other languages and cultures.

•    Social media localisation: We engage in online conversations and interactions with followers and fans from different communities. Our educated and professional linguists and copywriters will engage with your potential customers and related communities. In addition, we will localise your social media content and develop a visible presence for your brand in languages other than English.

Let us take care of your company’s social media needs in your customers’ non-English-speaking communities. Our highly educated linguists are native-language speakers who are keenly aware of cultural sensitivities and local norms. By both monitoring and engaging in online conversations in specific foreign language markets, we can give your business an active presence in communities rich with potential customers, and communicate with your audience in the language with which they are most comfortable.

Social media has become an essential part of customer relations, and its increasing popularity worldwide has made multilingual social media engagement an imperative for any ambitious business.

At Translationz, we offer unique services for expanding the scope of your social media strategies. We can help you to adapt your social media communications to target international audiences. Our social media translation services include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

•    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ posts
•    Company blogs
•    YouTube videos
•    Audio files
•    Copy writing for social media platforms
•    Copy posting to social media platforms
•    Press releases
•    Pinterest, Instagram, and more

While Google Translate is improving and evolving, it is inadequate in its ability to accurately translate the puns, local humour, and colloquialisms that play such a large role in social media content. Your message is important. Call Translationz today to see how cost-effective our solutions can be!

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